How Do We Prepare Teachers for Success in the Classroom?

What will it take to raise the bar across the nation and ensure our teacher preparation programs equip all educators with the skills and mindset they need for success in diverse communities and classrooms?

In this week’s episode, we discuss these big ideas through the eyes of pioneering residents in the Summit Learning Teacher Residency, the first program in the nation to prepare educators to teach in a personalized learning environment using the Summit Learning approach.

Broadening the conversation are actionable insights and ideas from Stanford University’s Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond, who was named in 2006 as one of the nation’s 10 most influential people affecting educational policy.

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Who Will I Hear in this Episode?

Listed in order as heard in the podcast are interviewees:

  • Alyssa Montantes, first-year resident in the Summit Learning Teacher Residency
  • Pamela Lamcke, director of the Summit Learning Teacher Residency
  • Karla Guererro, first-year resident in the Summit Learning Teacher Residency
  • Hannah Ayers, first-year resident in the Summit Learning Teacher Residency
  • David Tellez, 10th grade history teacher at Summit Preparatory Charter School and cooperating teacher
  • Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond, professor of Education Emeritus at Stanford University, founder of the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education, and President and CEO of the Learning Policy Institute

What Will I Learn From Listening?

This episode brings thoughts and insights about:

  1. Why mentoring is important for pre-service, mid-career, and veteran teachers
  2. How the Summit Learning Teacher Residency program is shaping a new generation of teachers in a personalized learning environment
  3. What it takes to build a strong pipeline for teacher leaders who want to make a lifelong commitment to the profession

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