Success Story: Students Take Ownership of Learning in Fairview Park

After a search for the best solution to help boost student achievement, Fairview Park City Schools (FPCS) chose the Summit Learning Program to help fulfill its vision for increased student ownership of learning.

Located outside of Cleveland, Ohio, FPCS is a suburban district that serves 1,850 students in grades K-12. The district researched multiple options before deciding to implement the Program in the 2016-17 school year, with all 350 of its 6th and 9th grade students.

After one year, students’ performance in math and reading on NWEA MAP tests exceeded the district’s projections by about 30%. FPCS 6th grade students also outperformed their state-wide peers on NWEA MAP tests by an average 6% in reading and 2% in math.

The embedded case study below highlights student growth and engagement in learning through projects and the Summit Learning Program.

In addition to seeing improvement in student achievement, the district has seen its teachers come together in support of each other and the Program.

Dr. Bill Wagner, superintendent of FPCS, says: “For those teachers who go to a [Summit Learning] training or convening — their eyes are opened. They understand, they’ve networked with others in their shoes, and that’s a powerful piece we could not have done without Summit.”

In 2017-18, FPCS extended the Program reach to include all 6th-10th graders, and Wagner envisions further high school expansion based on continued student and teacher success. The district is also reaching out to its elementary teachers to build their teachers’ and students’ understanding of Projects and Cognitive Skills before they enter 6th grade.

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