A Student’s Passion for Film Brings Cyber Bullying Center Stage

This week on the Summit Sparks podcast, hear about how one middle school student’s combined his passion for filmmaking with lessons from a school project to create a film on cyber bullying that was shared with his entire school.

This student story brings the important topic of cyber bullying center stage; it’s an especially relevant topic with today’s middle and high school students, the majority of whom have access to mobile phones and social media apps that further enable peer bullying. Listen in and hear teachers and students give their opinion on what should be done to help prevent cyber bullying, as well as how the nonprofit No Bully is using a surprising solution in schools nationwide with a 90% success rate. Join us.

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Who Will I Hear in this Episode?

Listed in order as heard in the podcast are interviewees:

  • Jackson, an 8th-grade student at Camp Ernst Middle School
  • Elizabeth,an 8th-grade student at Camp Ernst Middle School
  • PJ, an 8th-grade student at Camp Ernst Middle School
  • Jenna Schreiver, a 7th-grade English Language Arts teacher at Camp Ernst Middle School
  • Darren Nichols, a 6th-grade science teacher at Camp Ernst Middle School
  • Nicholas Carlisle, CEO at the nonprofit organization No Bully

What Will I Learn From Listening?

This episode brings thoughts and insights about:

  1. How student choice in projects paves the way for students to explore their passions and interests.
  2. What students, teachers, and experts in the field believe are the best ways to address and prevent cyber bullying in middle and high school.

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Find out more about the topic of cyber bullying through the Megan Meier Foundation, a global bullying and cyber bullying prevention foundation. And read about the work that No Bully is doing to prevent bullying in schools worldwide. Watch Jackson’s short film, #tagged, on the JL Studio Film YouTube site.

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