We’re Here For Teachers, So They Can Be There For Students

Dear Summit Learning Educator, 

As the new school year begins, we are once again humbled and inspired by our collaboration with educators who are taking a student-centered approach to their schools and classrooms and unlocking potential through project-based and self-directed learning. You are harnessing the benefits of technology to stay in touch, and actually deepen teacher-student relationships that are the foundation of learning.

As educators, you know that this work is deeply personal, grounded in relationships forged with not just students, but also families and the communities you serve. Working across 38 states, we see firsthand the ways in which educators with shared aspirations are motivated by different visions for how their schools and curriculum can bring to fruition their highest hopes for their children.

That diversity of perspective and approach is why we ground our work in a belief that local educators are the experts when it comes to serving their students. It is why we create tools that can be tailored by teachers to reflect the priorities, perspectives, and needs of their students.

Over the past several months, we have heard from a growing number of educators who are finding themselves teaching in a politically charged environment. We hear from teachers that within these often contentious discussions, they are trying their best to stay focused on supporting students who have suffered, amidst a wide range of challenges brought about or exacerbated by the pandemic. 

While we can’t offer advice on navigating the legal complexities of the political environment in which teachers are operating, we will continue to strive to create tools that are grounded in your needs, and the vision of empowering every student to succeed. Our curriculum will remain easy to modify to reflect local goals and priorities and will continue to bring together educators to share a wide range of perspectives and experiences as a part of our training. We hope that you will continue to leverage coaching calls to access valuable supports, and let us know how we can be most supportive.

At Summit Learning, we believe in championing you as educators, so that you can empower your students with the best education possible. We know this is the most challenging time of many educators’ careers, and we are here to work hand-in-hand with our partners, offering our perspective as you navigate these questions and make decisions for your communities. 

Whether your first day of school is already a distant memory or coming up quickly in the next week, we wish your teams a productive, safe and focused season of imagining what this year can bring. We feel privileged to share some of these experiences with you, and we look forward to our continued work together. 

The Summit Learning Team

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