Student Voice: 3 Ways Summit Learning Benefits Me

I just finished 6th grade at Bailey Bridge Middle School in Virginia and this was my very first year of Summit Learning. I love the Summit Learning Program and think it is better than the regular class I used to attend. Here are three reasons why Summit Learning benefits me.

1. I Can Learn Independently

Summit Learning gives me the opportunity to take a test or work on Projects after school from home. I like being able to do what I want or need to do on my own time,  as long as I take the opportunities the Program gives me to have good grades and learn well.

2. I Set My Goals and Track My Progress

In Summit Learning they teach me how to set goals. Also I get to have a mentor, who is a teacher who talks to me about life and how I’m doing on my assignments.

I meet with my mentor one day every week. This time prepared me for the real world. I learned how to focus, organize, help others study, and do things on my own in Summit Learning.

To track my progress, I use the Summit Learning Platform. In my eyes, the Platform seems very neat, and resources are very organized. I can see how I’m doing at any time and also my grades can change quickly, because they are based on my latest content assessments. What I put in is what I get out.

I can see right away that from Summit Learning, I’ve gained a lot of skills in math, English, science, and social studies. I have gotten better at studying and using Google Docs for my notes on the computer, too.

3. I Can Work at My Own Pace

I’m able to work at my own pace and go faster than my classmates, or sometimes, go slower. As a Summit Learning student, the speed I learn depends on how I think and how quickly I understand the content. When I work hard and show my teachers that I want to get good grades, then they work hard to help me get there. Plus, working independently from time to time is something I’ll have to do more and more as I get older. So, it helps to start now.

My Plan for Next Year

I had a great year. I learned lots of things and I now understand how Summit Learning benefits me and can be really different from a regular classroom. Next year, I know I can move faster and at my own pace. I can also put in additional effort to help my grades.

I now know a lot of ways and strategies to do well next year! But most importantly, I feel more prepared to succeed in the real world.

When I grow up I want to be a judge or doctor. Both jobs require the skills, focus and independence that I’ve grown through Summit Learning.

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About the author

Isaiah Hill
Isaiah Hill is a rising 7th grader at Bailey Bridge Middle School in Virginia. He enjoys riding dirt bikes and playing games. His favorite sport is basketball. He also loves to travel around the world. He is 12 years old and when he grows up he wants to be a judge or doctor.