Teacher Appreciation Week: Celebrating Our Teacher Writers!

Next week, schools across the U.S. celebrate their teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. We thought we’d start now by recognizing the many wonderful teachers who have contributed their ideas and perspectives on the Summit Learning Blog. Where would we be without them?

Below you’ll find a collection of teacher guest posts, organized around common themes of professional development, mentoring, and differentiation. These posts offer practical and inspirational insights for any educator.

From how to plan a lesson that aligns with best teaching practices to how to talk about failure with students, there’s something here for everyone.

Professional Development & Growth

The best teachers never stop learning and growing. Teachers and school leaders share their insights and experiences on what has worked in improving outcomes for students and their own professional growth.

Educators connect at Summit Learning’s 2018 Mid-Atlantic spring regional convening


Time and again, educators using the Summit Learning approach have emphasized the positive impact that mentoring has on students — both social-emotional and academic. Teachers share why mentoring matters and how to do it well.

A mentor meets one-to-one with a student at The Stables in Lexington, Kentucky

Differentiation & Scaffolding

No two students learn exactly alike, which is why differentiation and scaffolding are powerful teaching tools in making an impact on learning. Teachers share their strategies for making learning more accessible, from adapting a project for learners in a special education classroom to trying out more flexible seating.

Students at Fairview Park City Schools hang ten on their classroom green screen

We can’t thank teachers enough for the countless hours, creativity, and energy they invest each day in ensuring students are better prepared than ever for college and life. This Teacher Appreciation Week, thank a teacher who’s made an impact on your life!

Are you an educator who has something to say? Reach out to us at and become a guest contributor on the Summit Learning Blog!

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