7 Super-Cool Back-To-School Supplies

It’s that time of year again, back-to-school time. And while your kids will probably moan about getting up early and heading out the door, the one thing every kid looks forward to this time of year is new school supplies.

Here are a few of our favorites to add some pop, woah, and glam to your student’s getup:

Emoji Bookmarks

Whether a book makes your kid 😊, 🤣, or 😢, let them express themselves with these awesome bookmarks from Etsy. They’re the perfect way to add some personalization to their favorite pastime.

Food Book Covers

Guard one of your child’s biggest investments with this collection of fun and functional book covers! With a trio of cool designs that seem almost edible, these book covers will keep their books safe and stand out from the crowd.

Dino Memo Holder

Add a little personality to your kid’s at-home workspace with this fun little feature. Whether you want to remind them to get all their work done or  to get ready for soccer practice on time, this great accessory adds something whimsy to both you and your child’s day.

Gel Pencil Grips

For reasons we might not ever understand, the 80s are back with a vengeance! These crazy colored pencil grips not only help make it more comfortable for your child to get their work done, but they’ll also look cool doing it.

Monster Pencil Bag

No matter what school supplies your child has, they’ll need a place to put them. And this jumbo pencil bag is the perfect way for your kid to tote around all of their new gear. Plus, it looks pretty awesome, too.

Assorted Gel Pens

Whether it’s doing homework or just doodling (outside of class time, of course), these brightly colored gel pens add some wow to whatever your child is working on. And, it might even get them a little more excited to get their work done!

$1 Piggy Pencil Sharpeners

Need we say more?

Whatever grade your child is going into this year, make sure they have the gear to stay ahead of the pack and get down to business.

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