How Summit Learning Helped Me Grow In My Vocational Field

The Summit Learning program has allowed me to grow by teaching me to work with little guidance in a timely manner and by providing me the freedom to get ahead so I could practice more often and continue to grow my skills. As you know, Summit Learning is a model that allows students to self-direct themselves through coursework with as little or as much guidance from teachers as needed. What you might not know is that this allows students freedom that has helped me in many ways, one unique way is as a welding student.

The Summit Learning program has allowed me to grow my skills by teaching me to work with little guidance in a timely manner. The self-directed learning portion of the model allows students like me to grow a sense of responsibility to complete work without having to be pushed every step of the way.

The blue line, which is Summit’s deadline system, slowly and constantly moves, approaching the year’s end, making deadlines feel more real. This forces students to have to set daily goals to create a schedule, and work through the schedule every week to completion. This has caused me to work off a self-created schedule for everything I do, no matter if it’s schoolwork or cleaning my room. ​

I have grown into a more motivated student, too. Before I joined the Summit Learning program at my school, I was no Honor Roll student. I was an “I hope to God I pass” student. The Summit Learning program has taken me from the bottom of the barrel to a National Honor Society member. The way it’s created and run helps kids grow needed skills and confidence for life. Students learn how to problem solve, find answers and resources, and other ways to learn the topic.

These skills help in my vocation, too, because it prepares me to work at a welding shop. Self-motivation, time management, and problem solving are necessary for success at any job.

Summit also offers students the opportunity to work far ahead and work on other classes. I have worked ahead in power focus areas – small content-knowledge units where students work towards mastery of the topic. As a result,  I earned the freedom of flexible scheduling to work in my other classes more, start one of my next year’s classes, and spend more time in my vocational class: my welding shop.

In fact, I earned the chance to be a candidate for a cooperative education job in the field. And I got it! Next year, I will work at a job site for a portion of the school day each day, and get paid!

With the freedom of a flexible schedule as a self-directed learner, I have grown tremendously. I’m more self-directed, more motivated, and more productive.

This has been one of the greatest opportunities I have ever had.