Going Above and Beyond to Protect Privacy

Over the last few unpredictable years, schools nationwide have relied on an increasing number of digital tools to best serve their students. 

With these changes, it’s important that educators, families, and caregivers have all of the information they need to understand how their students’ information is being protected as they learn. 

At Summit Learning, our top priority is protecting the privacy of all of our partners. We ensure that our partners know how we use their information, and we share all of our policies publicly in our dedicated Privacy Center.

How We Stack Up

We know how imperative it is for schools and families to make informed choices about the learning tools their students use. Here’s proof that you can trust us.

Summit Learning has been nationally recognized for its privacy protections by the Common Sense Privacy Program, which published privacy evaluations of the top 10 edtech products used in schools and districts across the United States. 

Summit Learning came out on top, receiving the privacy program’s highest score

“Protecting privacy is incredibly important to us,” said Nicholas Kim, a Managing Director of Implementation Success. “We have safeguards in place to prevent your information from being used for anything other than your education.”

Our Commitments to You

We take our commitments to safety seriously and believe that an understanding of trust with our partners is built through transparency about our practices. 

Summit Learning has a set of core commitments in order to keep student data safe. A few highlights include:

  • Student personal information is used only for educational purposes — no exceptions
  • Personal information is never for sale, period
  • Partners own and control their personal information 
  • We’re committed to continuous improvement

Going Above and Beyond

We believe in being fully transparent about how student information is used.

Gradient Learning, the nonprofit that offers the Summit Learning program, signed on as one of the first adopters of the updated 2020 Student Privacy Pledge. The Student Privacy Pledge reflects top industry standards and commitments to safeguarding the privacy and security of all student information. 

“It’s our job to keep it safe,” Kim said.

This pledge is directly aligned with the work of Summit Learning, which has been proud signatories of the pledge since 2018. Read more about the history of the pledge here.

Learn more about how we protect data in Summit Learning’s dedicated Privacy Center, where partners can read our policies and review the program’s core commitments.

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