Arelys Alcozer

Arelys Alcozer is a School & District Success Manager at Summit Learning where she supports school leaders and teachers with their implementation of the program. She has over a decade of experience in education and a Master of Art in Teaching with a focus on bilingual education. She has taught 3rd to 6th grade in her hometown of Chicago. Her interest in education was sparked by reading Jonathan Kozol’s Savage Inequalities in high school, and she hasn’t looked back since. Fun fact: She started her teaching career at the same school she attended as a child and many of her former teachers became her colleagues.

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Viva la Voz

I sat in my third grade classroom staring at the board with a panic in my chest. I was worried that the kids would think I was less intelligent because I didn’t know how to pronounce a word.  You’d think I was a student, but I was the teacher. I had 30 English Language Learners […]