The Science of Summit: A Guide to the Research Behind Our Model

Since founding Summit Public Schools in 2003, we have held ourselves accountable to a vision that every student should be equipped to lead a fulfilled life. We’ve worked in partnership with nationally-acclaimed learning scientists, researchers, and academics to develop a model that supports this vision.

This summer, we published The Science of Summit, a groundbreaking white paper 15 years in the making that outlines our model and the research behind it, including an in-depth look at student outcomes. Today, we’re excited to share a new publication, A Guide to The Science of Summit, an introduction to the full white paper. Both reflect our effort to share what we believe about young people, the promise of public education, and principles for school design rooted in the science of learning.

This publication is especially geared for educators, parents, and community members interested in learning about our four student outcomes: Cognitive Skills, Content Knowledge, Habits of Success, and Sense of Purpose. The guide outlines each outcome, how each outcome is practiced in and out of the classroom, and a timeline of research that has influenced each outcome. It also introduces The Aligned School Model Framework, a six-step framework for articulating a school model that consistently and reliably predicts success for all students when implemented effectively — one that is aligned with the school’s articulated purpose of education and grounded in evidence.

Learn more about Summit Public Schools’ model and the research behind it by downloading The Science of Summit in full.

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About the author

Developed by Summit Public Schools, Summit Learning is a personalized approach to teaching and learning inspired by the vision to equip every student to lead a fulfilled life. Through the free Summit Learning Program, approximately 330 schools have implemented and tailored Summit Learning for their communities, reaching more than 54,000 students across 40 states.