Teacher Voice: Why Having a Mentor is Important to my Middle School Students

This article, by Megan Barlow, first appeared in the Pennsylvania Herald-Standard and can be read there in full.

I teach at the same school that I attended years ago. As an educator for almost 20 years, I can relate to the excitement and nerves in my middle school students. And for most of that time, I have seen the junior high students go through a particularly unique challenge as they transition from elementary school to Turkeyfoot High School.

[Mentoring] made a tremendous impact on their back-to-school experience and my teaching.

As an educator, it was my responsibility to ease these new junior high students through that transition. Last year, I became a mentor to 10 of my students, with dedicated weekly time to meet with them individually. It was the first time I had space during the school day to meet with each of my mentees and get to know them deeply – and it made a tremendous impact on their back-to-school experience and my teaching.

Read Ms. Barlow’s full article here.

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