How To Help Summit Learning Schools Affected By Hurricane Harvey

Dear Summit Learning Network,

The past month has held a level of sadness and grief as we have mourned over the anger and violence at Charlottesville to the harm and fierceness of natural disasters. Times like this remind us that it’s incredibly important to stand with one another and to support one another.

Hurricane Harvey has impacted our country, and therefore our Summit Learning Community, in profound ways. The Summit Learning Program includes 26 schools in the Houston area, and a total of 35 schools in the larger Gulf region. We have been incredibly touched by the well wishes, notes for concern and desire to support from partners across the country. Thank you for being loving hands and feet for communities beyond your own.

Texas Summit Learning Schools
The Summit Learning Program includes 26 schools in the Houston area, and a total of 35 schools in the larger Gulf region.

How To Help

For those who wanted to move their concern towards action, the mentor team would like to share these suggestions:

If you would like to support the ongoing rescue and relief effort, please donate to the Red Cross or United Way of Greater Houston. The Red Cross has already set up a shelter at one of our Summit Learning schools in the Houston Area: reports from the area indicate that about 1,200 people are currently seeking shelter at that one high school and more are still waiting to be rescued from their homes.

We also recognize that our Summit Learning schools in the area may find themselves with additional needs when they return to school after the storm, such as replacement devices or school supplies. If you would like to donate to this effort, please visit this GoFundMe page. Our Mentor team will work closely will the Houston area schools to support the schools as needed during their transition back to school. If any funds remain after schools are all set, we will donate those funds directly to the Red Cross. There will surely be ongoing clean-up and relief efforts long after the storm has officially ended.

Thank you for reaching out to us and for your support of your Summit Learning colleagues in the Houston Area. And may we continue to be kind and generous towards one another and together build the connected world we want for our students.

Your Summit Learning Mentor Team and the greater Summit Learning Team

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