Success Story: Student Growth Prompts Pasadena District Expansion

Pasadena Independent School District sees personalized learning as a “game changer.”

“Our dream by 2019 is to be at 10,000 kids [in the Summit Learning Program],” says Deputy Superintendent of Academic Achievement Karen Hickman. “It is a viable, sustainable system that we can absolutely spread across our district. We’re just getting started.”

The southeastern Texas district adopted the Summit Learning Program in 2015 at three of its schools, becoming part of the first Summit Learning cohort of 19 schools across 11 states.

As the Summit Learning community continues to grow, now with 330 schools in 40 states, PISD has similarly expanded — implementing Summit Learning at 23 schools across grade levels. By the 2018 school year, PISD plans to bring Summit Learning to 100 percent of its traditional middle and high schools.

The embedded case study below highlights student growth at PISD with the Summit Learning Program.

PISD has seen its students thrive in a personalized learning setting. Increased student engagement and academic performance are the primary drivers behind the district’s continued expansion of Summit Learning.

In 2017, grade 7 students who were farthest behind grade level made an average 20% gain in reading and an average 17% gain in math on annual state assessment scores.

PISD has expanded the program to some of its 4th and 5th grade students, and plans to continue to grow it across additional grade levels as students move up through middle and high school. Continuing student success positions PISD as an exemplar for similar districts that are interested in adopting Summit Learning in their schools.

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