Classroom Posters: 6 New Summit Learning Resources

Summit Learning is excited to offer teachers six new classroom posters for the 2018-19 school year! The classroom poster lineup covers the basics of the Summit Learning Program and includes:

1 – Cognitive Skills: These are essential and transferable lifelong skills that we want all students to be equipped with by the time they graduate high school. This colorful poster serves as a reference for students and teachers of all 36 skills in the seven domains included in the Summit Learning rubric, created in partnership with Stanford’s SCALE. Choose from two versions — Classic or a Ski Town “Fun” version.

2 – Habits of Success: Developed by Dr. Brooke Stafford-Brizard in collaboration with the organization Turnaround for Children, the 16 Habits of Success are the mindsets and behaviors that support academic achievement and well-being. Students and adults alike draw on foundational habits to help develop and evolve the higher-order habits, though each individual’s journey is unique and dependent on many factors. Choose from two versions — Classic or a Ski Lift “Fun” version — and use as a reference during mentoring sessions and throughout the school day.


classroom poster
The 16 Habits of Success, one of six new posters available to the Summit community.


3 – Self-Directed Learning Cycle: The 5-step, cyclical Self-Directed Learning Cycle is embedded into all parts of the day and throughout the Summit Learning experience. Summit Learning teachers and mentors provide students with the support and guidance they need to grow into independent, self-directed learners, who are equipped to navigate college, careers, and life. This is a must-have poster for every teacher and student in every classroom.

4 – SMART Goals: Learning how to set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based (SMART) goals is a key part of self-directed learning. This poster is a fantastic daily reference as students work with their teachers and mentors to set weekly, monthly, and longer-term goals during 1:1 check-ins and independently.

5 – Study Smarter, Not Harder!: Inspired by the clever bulletin board flow charts that Summit Learning has spotted in several classrooms, we decided to create our own! The Study Smarter, Not Harder! poster gives students and teachers a visual map of best-practice steps for smart learning using the Self-Directed Learning Cycle and learning a Focus Area as an example of the flow in action.


Visit the Summit Learning Store (link below) to find all posters and much more.


All classroom posters are available in three different size options through the Summit Learning Store and can be purchased at cost price. Free 8″x11″ PDF downloads are also available and make excellent resources to keep in folders or on desks for students and teachers throughout the day, from mentoring sessions to small group workshops.

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