Celebrate Mentorship: Shared Teacher Tips and Student Stories

For young people, the impact of a mentor relationship with a caring, trusted adult can have a profound impact on well-being and achievement well into adulthood.

Mentoring is an essential part of Summit Learning’s teaching and learning approach. This January, we proudly celebrated National Mentoring Month by sharing real stories from our community of dedicated educators, students, and alumni.

We’ve rounded up the top mentorship stories from the month so that you can learn from and celebrate the first-hand experiences of mentors and mentees from across the U.S.


1 – Power of Mentorship: Why Every Student (and Teacher) Benefits 

Mentorship has the power to impact the course of students’ academic and personal life trajectories. Read about the top benefits for both students and teachers.


2 – Five Tips for Developing Your Child’s Goal-Setting Habits

Adam Carter, a former teacher and chief academic officer at Summit Public Schools, shares his insights and on helping children and young adults set SMART goals. Successful people around the globe will tell you that the ability to do meaningful and ambitious goal-setting has been key to their success.


3 – Why Mentoring Matters: A Story of a First-Generation Graduate

Valeria Torres, a Summit Public Schools employee and alum, teaches at a summer camp on the Armenian-Iranian border in 2016.

Summit Public Schools Alum Valeria Torres tells her story about navigating college, pursuing her passions, and creating a life of purpose, with details about how her mentor provided guidance and support along the way.

4 – Six Teacher Tips for Mentoring Elementary School Students 

An elementary student meets 1:1 with her mentor at South Shaver Elementary School in Pasadena, Texas.

From staying flexible to creating a sense of belonging, elementary educators at South Shaver Elementary in Pasadena, Texas, share their top tips for mentoring students.


5 – Five Teacher-Approved Strategies for Mentoring High School Students 

High school students at Summit Olympus in Tacoma, Washington

Teacher and Athletic Director Lauren Davenport shares her top tips for developing strong mentor relationships and managing structured learning time with high school students.

Learn more about the Summit Learning approach and student outcomes.

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