What Are Educators Saying About Summit Learning?

At Summit Learning, we can talk about the positive outcomes of student engagement, relationships, and cognitive skills all day long. But sometimes it’s best to hear straight from teachers, educators, students, and parents. Here are a few of our favorite opinion pieces of the school year:

Commentary: Don’t Leave the High-achievers Behind
The Salt Lake Tribune

Principal Swanson and Merci Rossmango of Utah’s Farmington High School advocate for improving public education by “breaking away from the idea that a one-size-fits-all teaching style will help all students.” This concept applies to not only the students struggling to meet grade-level standards, but also to advanced students who may be at risk of disengaging if they are not academically challenged.

Commentary: Mentoring Can Be a Powerful Force in Kids’ Lives. Here Are 3 Ways Mentorships Benefit Students — and 3 Benefits for Teachers

Mentorship in middle and high school has the power to impact the course of students’ academic and personal life trajectories. Human connection built on trust is the glue that binds students’ academic and personal lives and helps them make sense of their futures; it’s also the reason that most teachers enter education in the first place.

A teaching Style That’s a Game-changer in More Ways Than One
Idaho Education News

Jami McLing, a teacher at Rocky Mountain Middle School and parent of two students, discusses how Summit Learning was first introduced to her as a way to better reach every student in her classroom. Her school adopted the program in August 2016 and, according to Jami, they “haven’t looked back.” From both a parent and teacher perspective, McLing expresses the deep impact this rigorous and confidence-boosting approach to learning has had on both her daughters’ and her students’ personal growth and empowerment.

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