Top Summit Learning News Stories of 2019

With the second half of the school year underway and students and teachers gearing up for mid-terms and spring break, we want to take a moment to look back to celebrate some of the amazing work of schools using Summit Learning in 2019:

Summit Learning Program Gives Seventh Grade Students More Say in Direction of Education
The Saline Post

Check out how “the numbers are telling a positive story for Saline Area Schools seventh grade” in Michigan and how self-direction is pivotal for student engagement.

The seventh grade Summit Learning teaching team said they were particularly pleased with how the program allows students with individualized education programs and other unique learning situations to keep up, while students who excel can reach their full potential.

Pasadena ISD’s Connect Program Gets Spotlight
Houston Chronicle

As part of the NBC News Learn special broadcast from Houston, Bondy Intermediate School Principal Roneka Lee was recognized as one of the panelists for “The 21st Century Classroom” discussion.

According to Lee, one of the keys to education is intentional student-teacher relationships, which lay the foundation for the Connect Personalized Learning approach, powered by Summit Learning, at Lee’s campus and 41 others in the Pasadena school district in Texas.

Farmington High’s First Junior Class Earns Highest Average ACT Score in Davis School District

Read about how a junior class improved its average composite ACT score by 1.2 points within the same school year and why the principal attributes their growth, in part, to Summit Learning.

Fairview Park City Schools Renews 21st Century Education-based Personalized Learning Platform

Learn about an Ohio school district’s decision earlier this year to continue using Summit Learning. First implemented three years ago, the Summit Learning platform allows students to set short and long-term goals while tracking progress along the way, as well as helps them prioritize their work, learn content at their own pace, complete deeper learning projects that apply real-world situations and reflect on their education. Superintendent Bill Wagner said, “All of the things that have always been good about public education still exist in our classrooms.”

Chester County Junior High Adopts Innovative Platform That’s Been Key to Improvement
The Jackson Sun

This article shares an inspiring story from Tennessee Principal Belinda Anderson about her school’s impressive academic performance turnaround and why she credits Summit Learning for encouraging “good teaching, period.”

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