Learning Beyond the Classroom: What Summit Learning Partner Schools are Saying

Remote learning is not only about the technology. Self-direction, curiosity, and purpose pave the way for teachers and students to keep up with learning despite school closures.

Throughout the last several challenging weeks, we have been connecting with our partner schools across the country to support them as they transition from a school setting to a remote learning environment, where possible. We have been inspired by many of our partner schools who have united their communities and adapted their strategies to accommodate students and families during these difficult circumstances. Of the schools that have the option to keep their doors open virtually, we asked a handful of school leaders, teachers, and parents to share what the transition has looked like as a Summit Learning partner school. Here’s what they said:

Classical Academy High School – Escondido, CA 

The entire Classical Academy High School team jumped into action to implement what we already had in place; doing what is best for students using a flexible, but structured learning and teaching format. In conjunction with Summit Learning, as a solid learning platform and approach to education, we faced uncertainty and fear with an easy transition to distance learning. Student progress was at the tip of our fingertips on the Summit Learning platform, so we could quickly identify who needed what support. Our students grasped the self-direction, goal setting, and forward momentum as a daily part of their educational journey. Parent expectations were met with continued daily instruction. Google Hangout meetings were set up, as we value the face to face interaction and communication. Progress towards mastery was not lost but valued and celebrated as the nation came to a halt with a shelter in place order. Classical Academy High School’s Personalized Learning Campus is closed, while the learning continues.

  • Dr. Stacey Perez, School Leader

With the world rapidly changing around us, many parents are put into the position of now homeschooling their children, or at least partnering with the school and teacher to deliver content in the home environment. Our Summit Learning students aren’t concerned about disruption to teaching and learning. They still have access to the college preparatory curriculum, they know they can work their way through the resources to learn the material, and they know the teacher is available to answer any questions they might have. Mentoring conversations will now be via the web rather than in-person, but they will still happen. Groups of students will still collaborate on projects with real-life applications, they will just use digital paper instead of poster paper. Caring teachers will still teach and guide our students through the learning process, provide feedback to improve their skills and prepare them for success in an uncertain world.  With everything else turned upside-down right now, it is such a blessing to be a part of Classical Academy and Summit and to know that at least this part of our lives can proceed with business-as-usual.

  • Nicki Chase, Parent of Classical Academy High School; Escondido, CA

Henry Snyder High School – Jersey City, NJ

The transition to online instruction is not a burden. The shift to fully remote learning is the new road we are traveling together, and our District is handling it with great sensitivity and empathy for our scholars, parents, and stakeholders. We have taken into consideration the crossroads that we encounter with economic hardships, technological depravity and basic socio-emotional constructs that may not be conducive to this transformative model of learning. In view of all these concerns, I’ve regrouped and started the new learning environment as if it is a new class.

All of this would have taken a more stringent planning process if we weren’t already partnered with Summit Learning. Summit has afforded students the knowledge and ability to master if you will, remote/online learning, which eliminated the stressors of navigating each scholar on the ‘how to’s’ at a time that involved already a rising stress-filled crisis including possible illness, unemployment, and relocation for many. The platform already provided the resources, daily plans, and goal-oriented tools to afford fidelity in their work time which aided the instructor tremendously as I had to refocus my attention on strengthening my home-based instructional skills.

  • Ericka C. Streeter-Adams – Summit Curriculum Facilitator 

Hadi School of Excellence – Schaumburg, IL

Hadi School has been using state of the art technology in our classrooms, which makes it very easy for our school to adapt to our unfortunate situation. Hadi School staff worked tirelessly to get the platform completely ready for full execution by Monday, March 16th. I am very proud of our team. We were able to swiftly change our venue for instruction by utilizing our e-learning platform. With Summit Learning, we are ahead of the game. 

  • Azra Naqvi, School Leader 

We thank all those on the academic frontlines invested in serving our youth during these unprecedented circumstances. This historic moment in time sheds light on the importance of quality education innovation, not only through technological advancement, but also by providing students with the framework to become lifelong learners through teaching sustainable habits such as stress management, self-direction, and academic tenacity. Summit Learning continues to serve our partner schools in the way that best suits each school’s unique needs in these coming weeks and months. 

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