An Inside Look at the Elements of Summit Learning

“Now more than ever it’s clear that Summit’s greatest strengths lie offline.” 

After spending a year talking to Summit Learning teachers and students, visiting schools, and attending professional development sessions, The Hechinger Report published a story exploring the ways Summit Learning is helping schools and students succeed. The article provides a deep-dive on “the elements of the Summit model, the extensive training process for schools that are new to the program and the twists and turns of implementation.” 

Many teachers report that students are better prepared to take ownership of their own learning. Shelby Villegas, a sixth grade math teacher at Whispering Wind Academy Elementary School in Phoenix, said students “have a much clearer understanding of what they know and what they need to work on because of their access to progress data in the platform. And the lessons about independence and self-advocacy lead to kids who know how and when to ask for help.”

Reporter Tara Garcia Mathewson analyzed controversial topics such as screen time for students, data protection, and the role of the teacher in the classroom. After studying Summit Learning and speaking with educators across the country, what she found was that Summit Learning can “transform teaching and learning for the better – and not just because of computers.”

As Mathewson’s article showcases, creating innovative learning solutions for students is challenging work, and it matters. That’s why we’re so proud of our partners across the country for their commitment to driving meaningful change in their classrooms. 

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Summit Learning is a research–based approach to education designed to drive student engagement, meaningful learning, and strong student–teacher relationships that prepare students for life after graduation. Created by teachers with experience in diverse classrooms, Summit Learning is grounded in decades of research about how children learn. With Summit Learning, students gain mastery of core subjects like math, history, English, and science, while also carefully developing the skills and habits of lifelong learners. Summit Learning is independently led and operated by the nonprofit, Gradient Learning.