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If there was ever a time to be extra appreciative of teachers all over the country, it is now. Practically overnight, school buildings closed, teachers turned their homes into offices, and the classroom walls became video conferences, chat boxes, and email threads. Those unable to hold classes or teach remotely are still checking in on students, printing and dropping off worksheets, and monitoring their emotional well-being.

A teacher has always worn multiple hats, but now we’re seeing just how adaptable they must be: IT technician, therapist, parents to their own children, and educator. Instead of backing away from one of the biggest challenges of their career, they are working harder than ever.

At Summit Learning, we’re hearing stories of teachers all over the country who are going above and beyond: checking in on their students during remote learning or spending hours on Zoom calls with students to ensure they understand the material. Click here to read our Executive Director’s thank you letter to teachers.

For Teacher Appreciation Week, we asked students what they want their teacher to know. Here are some of their gratitudes:

They are some of the biggest helpers in our community and they work so hard to provide students with the best way to learn possible. 

I miss being able to have them by my side when I need help or to share accomplishments.

I would want my teacher to know that I am grateful for all of the hard work that they put into us and I love waking up everyday to come to school because I get to see them. I also want them to know that I have learned so much this year from them. 

I would like to tell Mrs. Gutierrez that she has really helped me become a better writer this year and I am very thankful for it.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day Mr. Jernigan. I like your science class because you make the class hands on. I’ll never forget learning about the laws of motion and forces through Broomball.
— T. Smith, 7th Grade Student at Bailey Bridge Middle School.

School buildings may be closed but school is still in session and teachers are working harder than ever. Take the time this week to thank a teacher — your own, your child’s, or even yourself. 

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