Mentoring Month Celebrated Across Summit Learning Schools

January was ‘National Mentoring Month.’ Schools using Summit Learning across the country shared how they are implementing mentoring sessions and focusing on student-teacher relationships. According to Mentoring.org, when students have a dedicated mentor, they are less likely to skip school, more likely to enroll in college, and more likely to hold a leadership position in the future. We are wrapping up mentoring month by celebrating stories from across the nation:

I Will Never Again Teach at a School Without Dedicated Mentoring Time for Students
Education Post

To kick-off January’s National Mentoring Month, Arizona English teacher Elizabeth Kittredge says “mentoring has helped transform Rhodes Junior High from a community to a family.”

Mentoring Breeds Academic Success at SSHS
Siloam Springs Herald Leader

English teacher Emily Hackett writes about how her fellow colleagues from Siloam Springs High School have embraced one-on-one mentoring sessions. These sessions further strengthen student-teacher relationships and intentionally live out their school’s mantra: “consistent work ethic produces success.”

Point of View: Why Mentoring Should Be Part of Every School
The Oklahoman

Heather Zacarias, director of education at John Rex Elementary, discusses the positive developmental impacts of mentoring for a young person. “Mentoring fosters transformation and shows students a path toward self-betterment,” said Zacarias.

Guest Opinion: Mentor Programs Build Community Between Students, Teachers
Idaho Press

Read about a ninth year teacher’s favorite part of being an educator: helping students connect the skills they are learning in class with what they want to achieve after graduation. The Bear Lake implemented a mentoring program that is a component of the Summit Learning teaching approach.

Mentoring Drives Meaningful Learning for Tacoma Students
Tacoma Weekly

At Concordia Christian Academy, teacher-student relationships at our school are stronger than ever because of a new focus on individual mentoring. Each student has a dedicated mentor with whom they meet on a weekly basis. Mentors are teachers and school leaders who get to know their mentees deeply, understand their goals and challenges and provide them with one-on-one guidance.

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