2022 Summit Learning Educator Feedback Study

Feedback from educators plays an important role in enhancing the overall learning experience of the Summit Learning program. 

On behalf of Gradient Learning, the nonprofit that offers Summit Learning, Project Tomorrow conducted an online survey in the spring of 2022 to collect both quantitative and qualitative feedback from teachers and school leaders nationwide. 

Guided by Gradient Learning’s vision of meeting the unique needs of every student, the goal of this research was to better understand educators’ experiences with Summit Learning and how it has impacted their communities. 

In all, nearly 1,500 educators responded, including 1,237 teachers and 190 school leaders from Summit Learning partner schools. Of that group, 90-percent of school leaders and 76-percent of teachers believe that their school’s culture is more positive because of Summit Learning. 

“The most important impact Summit Learning has had is that it has encouraged teachers and students to think about habits that will help students become successful,” said a School Leader from a Junior/Senior High School in Iowa.

Over two-thirds of educators—including 98-percent of school leaders—agreed that Summit Learning has had a positive impact on their students. This was particularly evident in how educators favorably responded to Summit Learning’s role in preparing students for future success, addressing their emotional and social needs, and driving enhanced student achievement. 

For example, 95-percent of school leaders and 82-percent teachers said that Summit Learning improves student academic outcomes.

“Summit Learning helps students realize the importance of taking ownership of their education,” said an elementary school teacher from Kansas. “They learn how to persevere when things are difficult. It is helpful that they have multiple attempts to learn skills.” 

Mentoring, one of the pillars of the Summit Learning program, received positive feedback on how it has helped students. Nearly all educators (99-percent of school leaders and 97-percent of teachers) believe that students’ academic performance is positively impacted by mentoring. 

Also, 95-percent of teachers agree that mentoring has brought about positive changes in students’ attitudes about school.

“Mentoring is the most important part of building our school culture,” said a School Leader of a Junior High/High School in Alaska.

Check out the full report from Project Tomorrow to learn more about what educators said about Summit Learning’s impact on their students and communities.

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Summit Learning is a research–based approach to education designed to drive student engagement, meaningful learning, and strong student–teacher relationships that prepare students for life after graduation. Created by teachers with experience in diverse classrooms, Summit Learning is grounded in decades of research about how children learn. With Summit Learning, students gain mastery of core subjects like math, history, English, and science, while also carefully developing the skills and habits of lifelong learners. Summit Learning is independently led and operated by the nonprofit, Gradient Learning.